Burger B (Apgujeong)

Burger B (Apgujeong) (버거비 압구정점)

Great burgers and great beer (pale ales and IPAs!), served in a relaxed atmosphere. Almost feels like home!

Reviewed by on August 9, 2011 / Updated June 28, 2012

Update: We found out the hard way that Burger B is now closed on Mondays. However, this is still my favorite burger in Korea, and I love Alley Kat Full Moon pale ale on tap, so we shall endure.


It was a little hard to find but it's located in the corner.

We first found Burger B's new Apgujeong location entirely by accident, while wandering around Apgujeong's back streets. I didn't recognize the name at the time (although the Hongdae location has been open for a year or two now). Only later, after reading a "Top 10" article from 10 Magazine and another glowing review in a separate publication did I realize what I had discovered. After hearing they were also known for their outstanding beer selection, how could I not go?

Container Kitchen

This container with a window is their kitchen.

The first thing we noticed after we walked in and found a seat was the interesting decor. A kitchen inside a shipping container with windows? Neat!

The second thing we noticed was that we were doing it wrong. You have to go to the counter and place your order first. Now you know.

IPA and mojito

Mojito? (8500원), Indica IPA (9000원)

Annie ordered a mojito on our first visit. When it came out, we were a little stunned. First off, it was served in a full-sized glass, filled to the top. The mint wasn't muddled, it looked more like everything was thrown into a blender and pulsed a little until the ice was crushed. The lime was missing, but that's not surprising, as limes are hard to come by in Korea.

An IPA! For the uninitiated, the India Pale Ale is the beer lover's beer: strong (both in flavor and alcohol), bold and bitter. You can't claim to be a beer afficionado if you can't at least name a few IPAs.

When I see one I haven't tried, I have to get it. This one hails from California, so no doubt it would be cheaper in the U.S., but here, it is worth its 9000원 price to me. I'd order it again.

Alley Kat

Alley Kat Full Moon (7300원) (Ka-brew is the local distributor. They also brew their own beers.)

They also have Alley Kat's Full Moon Pale Ale on tap. Considering the draft selection at most restaurants in Korea, this hoppy, citrusy ale blew my mind. I'd also order this again anytime. Even before the burgers came out, I caught myself thinking, "I could probably hang out here all night."

Crunch Fries

Crunch Fries (2500원)

Fries are served right after the drinks. I prefer thicker cut fries myself, but Annie loves these thin and crispy fries. Only problem is, the portions are on the small side, and they're gone almost immediately.

Mushroom Burger

Mushroom Burger (7500원)

Annie ordered the mushroom burger on our first visit, and she must have really liked it because she ordered it again the second time. True to its name, it contains lots of mushrooms (various local mushroom varieties) with melted Swiss cheese. This burger has basic toppings like lettuce, tomatoes and grilled onions on top, then is dressed with mayo-based sauce.

Annie especially enjoys the buns at Burger B. For me, they are a little light (meaning by the end they are soaked with sauce and crushed flat), but Annie loves them the way they are. I like the bun to be a little denser, but I'm probably just odd because I bake bread myself.

BBQ Burger

BBQ Burger (8000원)

As with IPAs, any time I see a BBQ burger I haven't tried, I must order it. This one did not disappoint. All of my favorites feature onion straws (or if not, my second choice is actual onion rings), and hey, look at that, onion straws! I was surprised to find that they used a sort of watery mayo-based sauce in addition to the BBQ sauce, but it tasted fine so no problem.

BBB Burger

B.B.B. Burger (8000원)

Their signature burger, though, is the B.B.B. I am actually not sure what the B.B.B. stands for, I will find out and report back. It is closer to a classic burger, but with premium ingredients. I believe most folks would enjoy this one, but for me, the BBQ burger is calling me back. I'd also like to try their bacon cheeseburger.

The texture of the burger patties was perfect (not densely packed), and all were cooked medium. Highly recommended.

  • Food: 5/5 - Burger cravings satisfied, and surprisingly, the beer is itself a reason to visit!
  • Service: 5/5 - Worker (later found out it was the owner) recognized us and said 'hi' on our second visit. They try to give us the best seats (unlike many other places).
  • Atmosphere: 5/5 - Relaxed and casual, feels like we can hang around here for long time. Annie liked the hand washing basin (no need to go to the bathroom just to wash your hands).

Getting there: It's not easy to find, unfortunately! They don't even list the address on the web site, oddly enough. Here it is though:

서울 강남구 신사동 644-3 (Sinsa-dong 644-3)

To get there from Apgujeong station, go out exit #2, then turn around and turn right. That is, east, heading away from Hyundai Dept Store, towards Rodeo Drive and the Galleria Dept Store (several stoplights away).

It's about a 10-15 minute walk. After you cross a major street, walk a little ways more and take the first right (a very small street between Shinhan Bank and Blacksmith). Walk through 4 cross streets, then look for Burger B on the left. (It's close to a Starbucks, if that helps.)

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